Patient Journey

This journey is meant to provide educational information to patients and their caregivers from the diagnosis of kidney disease to evaluation for a kidney transplant, the transplant itself, and the post-transplant care that will be key to long-term success after a kidney transplant. We recommend that any patient who is considering a kidney transplant review the entire Patient Journey to learn more about each stage of the journey.
This website is not intended to replace the independent medical judgement of healthcare providers.
Click on one of the blood dropsblood dropto go to that section of the Patient Journey.
HOW TO USE: This is an interactive map to walk patients through each step of the journey.

Each section will have slides with pop-ups with outlined topics. These topics when selected, will provide patients with important information to help with informed decisions, establish expectations, and navigate the process. Patient experiences are captured in the video links.

Many slides will have buttons of different colors at the bottom. These navigation buttons will take the patient to new sections of the journey. It is recommended that patients select each button to comprehensively understand the information, options, and progression through the journey.

At the bottom of each slide, there are links in white text to the beginning of the Patient Journey and the start of each section (drop) of the journey. The Journey is divided into four key sections (blood drops blood drop) to help patients navigate from diagnosis of kidney disease through the long-term management after a kidney transplant.

If you wish to add in your experience with a short video please contact [email protected] to arrange for a recording.
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